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DREADWORKS also offers consultation services for makeup artists as well as Haunted Attraction makeup teams.


Is your haunt new to airbrush makeup? Have you been wanting to incorporate airbrush makeup into your show but just weren't sure where to start? Or has your haunt been using airbrush for a while but you feel like the looks just aren't there yet? We've got you!

DREADWORKS has a great network of experienced artists that we contract to put together training plans, travel to your haunt, and spend a weekend teaching your artists tips, tricks, and techniques to get started or improve the quality of makeup coming out of your makeup room. 

Multiple of our artists have experience in training artists new and experienced. We focus on putting together complete lesson plans that will benefit artists of any skill level, from beginning at how an airbrush works, all the way to incorporating prosthetics and more technical skills into airbrush looks. 

Want more info on scheduling a consultation?


Beginner courses

New to airbrush? Wanting to start incorporating airbrush? We have lesson plans to take brand new artists and get them pumping out amazing looks in no time!

Training for trainers

Have experienced artists already? Is it just not clicking with other artists in your makeup room? We have extensive lesson plans developed to train the trainers on how to teach effectively so artists really understand and retain information. 


Do you have artists that have experience? Maybe the looks aren't quite up to the standard your after? We have lesson plans developed to take experienced artists to that next level. Focusing on the fine details, developing color pallets, and creating looks for icon characters.


We all know time is crucial in a haunt makeup room. We don't have time for each artist to spend 30min on everyone that sits in their chair. Over the past couple of years we have developed a plan to teach artists how to get models in and out of their chair in under 10min and still maintain amazing looks. 

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