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Q: Why should I choose Dreadworks? What sets them apart?

A: Dreadworks FX Airbrush makeup was formulated with one thing in mind. Creating an affordable and versatile product that suits the needs of the Haunted Attraction Industry. Our product is formulated and manufactured 100% in house, meaning we know every aspect of the product and how it works. No overseas labs, no third party distribution, we know and control 100% of our product so we can strive to meet the needs of the industry without jumping through hoops. Our product has been carefully formulated and tested by artists from all over the industry to ensure it has the qualities and performance needed to give artists that extra edge when creating makeup looks all while not leaving your wallet empty. Bolder pigments, consistency between bottles, long lasting durability, and an ever growing variety of colors. We are here for you and we hear you when it comes to haunted attraction makeup!

Q: Is Dreadworks FX Airbrush Makeup FDA compliant?

A: Our makeup is formulated with 100% FDA Certified ingredients. As well as being vegan, cruelty free, and made in the U.S.A.!

Q: What is the shelf life of airbrush makeup?

A: Dreadworks FX formula is an Alcohol based formula. An unopened bottle will last 5 years. It is recommended to only keep open bottles for no longer than 1 year.

Q: After not being used my makeup has separated inside the bottle. What should I do?

A: It is completely normal for pigment to separate from the mixture after a time of not being in use. When you find your makeup has separated, just shake the bottle until you hear the mixing ball shaking around in the bottle. Once mixed you're ready to apply!



Q: What is the recommended PSI for Dreadworks FX Airbrush Makeup?

A: We recommend spraying at 10-20PSI for most applications. However, always make sure your model is comfortable when being sprayed and adjust PSI accordingly.

Q: Will the makeup last throughout the night?

A: Dreadworks FX Airbrush Makeup was formulated with Haunted Attractions in mind. You run into many issues in the industry with makeup sweating off or running through out the night. Our makeup was formulated to be Water proof, sweat proof, and smudge proof. When applied to clean skin, your makeup will come out at the end of the night looking as good as it did the minute it was put on!



Q: How do I remove the airbrush makeup?

A: Though our makeup is highly durable it is also easy to remove. For best results, we recommend an oil based makeup remover, followed by soap and water.

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